Friday, February 22, 2013

My "Hello world!" post!

Hello world!
my very first post!
(Mr.Vinicius thank you so so much for all the support and help you offered to me, and for all the empathy you showed, and for caring and trying to help, without your nice words, and without your encouragement to me , this blog was NOT going to be exist)

First of all, excuse my bad English, English is my 2nd language, and am really terrified of writing, but i want to try any way.

who am i ?
i am Syrian, 25 Years old, from Aleppo city, Syria.

i was studying Computer engineering in Aleppo University  ,Syria. and i had finished 4 years and need one more year to graduate, Unfortunately, now am Unable to continue my studies because of the Crisis that's going there.

now i live in Istanbul, Turkey (since almost 8 months actually).

i had really dreamed of living in Istanbul before, since the first time i had visited it back in 2009 (if you visited Istanbul before, you will know what i mean) , and now, My dream came true ! and i already live here !! how cool is that !

it's cool, and not cool at the same time. it's cool because Istanbul is AMAZING city to live in.

so why it's not cool ? this is a long long long story, and i will post it later, because i don't want this post to get messy, all am going to say now is, i kinda got stuck in here, and my 2 weeks summer trip plan, changed to Surviving game which i live every day.

To be Continued ....
From Syrian who's living in Istanbul, With love.

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